Marking Our Progress


Initiative receives $149,250 grant from Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust to renovate the Hive House in Bertie County

Initiative receives $149,250 grant from Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust to renovate the Hive House in Bertie County
This project is so important for this community. The Hive House was an old Victorian house that was about to fall down.  Up until recently, there was no real affordable afterschool programs for the youth and their families. With money from Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust to begin renovations, that has changed. - Vivian Saunders, CEO and founder, Hive House.

Saunders, Initiative CEO Tara Kenchen, and Dr. Gary Cordon discuss expanded opportunities for Bertie County thanks to the renovation

Bertie County has the problem many rural counties have...poverty is a real problem. You lose hope when you're in rural poverty. We see The Hive as an opportunity to catalyze that hope but also catalyze other services in the community. And we think it's going to be the beginning of what will start to transform Bertie County and hopefully transform other counties in the area. - Tara Kenchen, Initiative CEO Watch full video at UNC TV

Construction Begins on House Exterior

Repairs to the exterior of the Hive House will be extensive, include replacing the roof, repairing and enclosing the back porch to house the new kitchen, replacing the windows, front porch and all siding.

Community leaders discuss siding styles.

Scaffolding in place for the new kitchen.


Construction on House Exterior Moving into Final Stages

Framing the former back porch for the future kitchen

Siding going up! 


Siding on the House!

a collage of siding progress

Stay tuned for our next steps - rebuilding the interior!


Tackling the Interior

Door frames have been sanded and the entire first floor has a new coat of paint. 

new boards for the porch ceiling

The main floor community spaces are nearly complete.  Next up, finishing up staff offices upstairs.  Aiming for a late fall open house!


Flooring Nearing the Finish Line

new flooring marks the renovation's near completion

surveying the latest progress

Many thanks to our sponsors

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