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Community Talk: Tara Kenchen Interview on Youth Leadership Program

“If we could invest in young leaders, it would help to build a pipeline of people interested in community economic development.” – Tara Kenchen, President/CEO of NC Community Development Initiative

The North Carolina Community Development Initiative’s Youth Leadership Program turned 10 this summer. The Youth Leadership Program, launched in 2008, aims to develop the next generation of North Carolina leaders through an intensive, innovative five-week summer program with 3 goals:

  1. To introduce students at an early age to the field of community economic development
  2. To give students a real-life work experience in their local communities
  3. To develop leadership skills that students can use moving forward

Interns have completed projects such as coordinating a community health fair, assisting with creating a business plan, creating youth programs for children, building community gardens, developing community outreach campaigns and assisting with the documentation of the organization’s work in the community (via photos, video, testimonials, reports, etc.).

In this edition of Community Talk, Alex Granados of Education NC talks with the Initiative’s President and CEO, Tara Kenchen, about the Youth Leadership Program on its 10 year anniversary.

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