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Youth Leadership Intern Alum Credits Initiative for his Success

To kick off our Youth Leadership Program testimonial series, meet David Roman, a Senior at American University, who interned in 2011.

“I participated in the Youth Leadership Program through the NC Community Development Initiative in 2011.  Positioned at the NC Association of Community Development Corporations, I gained an understanding of the needs of underserved communities and the non-profit sector, knowledge that has set the foundation for my pursuit of public service.

Without any prior work experience, but a desire to be engaged, The Initiative took a chance on me—and I am forever grateful.

Substantial work experience coupled with a supportive network and motivated change-agents, especially while in high school, is an excellent way to begin piecing together the career [and life] that will make you feel proud and energized to undertake every day.

David Roman better

Since completing the leadership program, I have taken the reign on my life and sought new opportunities, whether interning in the US House of Representatives or at federal agencies, setting me on course to complete my bachelor’s degree at American University in Washington, DC.

The Youth Leadership Program is time-intensive and mentally tasking, but also socially-uplifting and professionally-invigorating.  Truly, it is instrumental to unlocking potential and developing the next generation of servant-leaders.

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