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Profiles of our 2014 college interns – Jill Ricks and Patrick Minor

Jill RicksJill Ricks

Jill is a senior at Saint Augustine’s University where she is working toward a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Clinical and Counseling Psychology.

In Jill’s Words —

My career goals continue to change, but I have interests in government, nonprofit organizations and fields in social science.

I desired to intern with the Initiative because I believed that I could contribute to their leadership for the youth program. This organization is heavily based on service which is a principle that I greatly support.

The most inspiring moments that I have experienced [during the Summer Youth Leadership Program] have taken place during the leadership sessions which were facilitated by motivational speakers or entrepreneurs who gave their stories of how to survive in our society with real life advice. I’ve been encouraged by hearing those individuals who have given their perspective on how to be successful. There were also times that several students and myself have had discussions about their visions and hopes for the future. Being around individuals who are so intelligent and determined in life was very motivating.

My overall experience with the Initiative has provided me with the “reality check” insight of life. Before being an intern I did not appreciate the value of having business cards, sending thank you cards, or even knowing how to properly plan for a program. As I am completing my senior year of college, I realize that I have gained a rich experience, especially by being around the Initiative’s staff. I’ve developed in several areas and I feel more professional, so I bring that type of expectation with me while on campus. As I continue to narrow down on a specific career goal, I will always remember that the Initiative has given me the opportunity to develop in areas, both business and personal, that I greatly appreciate today.

I am beyond thankful for having an internship with this organization. From the first interview to the last day of working with you all has been worth the journey (and the early bus rides to work). The mentorship has been what I have desired and needed while I have been a student for the last three years. Thank you for seeing the potential in me! I hope the organization continues to prosper and flourish with support for many years to come.


Patrick Minor

Patrick Minor

Patrick Minor is a sophomore at N.C. Central University where he is working toward a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentraion in Marketing.

In Patrick’s Words—

I am an aspiring public relations and fundraising manager.

I wanted to be an intern for the Initiative in order to better myself with program coordinating and expand my networking and speaking skills.

The most inspiring moment of the internship for me was when I had the chance to interact and speak with interns in a group and I found out their individual goals and aspirations.

After completing this internship, I received an internship for N.C. Central University’s School of Business that involves assisting with and planning events, which will assist me with preparation for becoming a public relations and fundraising manager.

Being at the Initiative made me more knowledgeable about the society we live in today. It also broadened the possibilities that I can accomplish. It was a wonderful experience that helped me meet new people, affect others’ lives, better my skills, and most importantly, it motivated me to keep striving for success.

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