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Brunswick Housing Opportunities hosts demo of pre-cast concrete affordable homes

January 9, 2013 – The partnership of Brunswick Housing Opportunities (BHO) and 22nd Century Builders will “Swing the Walls” Feb. 1 on an energy-efficient, low-maintenance home in Brunswick County.

The Workforce Affordable Home is being constructed using innovative, environmentally friendly products and techniques that reduce the cost of building and maintaining a home for  working families. It will be the first of its kind to be built in Brunswick County.

The innovative pre-cast concrete wall construction method allows the partnership to build a healthy, safe, energy efficient, affordable and secure home for working families. The design reduces cooling and heating costs by as much as 67 percent. It is hurricane wind and fire resistant. Walls and roof have a life time warranty and never needs repainting. Build time is reduced by as much as 50 percent. All of these features combine to provide an extremely cost effective choice for building and maintaining homes.

“For the past several years we have searched for a builder and design that would allow us to build attractive, innovative, workforce housing,” said Resea Willis, long-time workforce housing advocate. “22nd Century Builders and the precast concrete building method allows us to build great housing. More importantly, we are providing much-needed jobs and a healthy, safe, energy efficient and low maintenance home for the workforce of this region.”

For more information, contact Brunswick Housing Opportunities at (910) 253‐0699 or or visit

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