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Communities come together through creative fundraisers

dancing with fayetteville stars

SEPT. 7, 2011 – With so many worthy causes tugging at the wallets of potential patrons, many nonprofits search for creative ways to help the community feel connected to their work so they will donate.

The CDCs in which the Initiative invests have stepped outside of the box to offer a wide variety of engaging events. Davidson Housing Coalition hosts The Festival for Hope and Housing, an annual bicycling race and neighborhood festival featuring local restaurants and businesses.

Mountain Housing Opportunities in Asheville holds an art auction each year, called The Doors of Asheville, drawing upon the talents of the local arts community to commission original artwork and hand-painted doors that are auctioned off to support its programs.

One of the most original fundraising events among North Carolina’s community development organizations is Dancing with the Fayetteville Stars – a play on the popular reality television competition – which supports the Center for Economic Empowerment and Development (CEED). The glitzy (and, at times, comical) ballroom dance competition features local celebrity volunteers, such as Dr. James Anderson, chancellor of Fayetteville State University, who train with their partners for weeks to learn elaborate routines.

Audience members use their dollars to vote for their favorite team. This year, the event raised $116,886 to support CEED’s Lease to Home program.

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