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Initiative hosts Leadership Development Conference to build current and emerging sector leadership

Nov. 20, 2013 – Initiative partners from across North Carolina convened in Raleigh Nov. 18-19 to explore opportunities and business strategies to strengthen the sector and low-income communities.

The Initiative held the two-day Leadership Development Conference in order to provide leadership and management training to both current and emerging sector leaders. Participants were given intensive training with renowned mission-based management trainer, author and consultant Peter Brinckerhoff, who led them through sessions on smart stewardship for nonprofits.

The Conference was sponsored by BB&T and included sessions on the business perspective of community economic development – led by the UNC School of Government – and on seizing opportunities in the sector – led by Anita Brown-Graham of the Institute for Emerging Issues.

“Our Leadership Development Conference really gave us a chance to dig deep into the topic of mission-based management, and provided our partners with opportunities to ask questions and work together on issues that matter to their organization,” said LaVett Saddler. “We are so grateful to our excellent speakers for sharing their insight and experience with all of us.”

The Initiative makes strategic financial investments in community organizations that promote economic growth in low-income and distressed N.C. communities and provides leadership development and technical assistance to support them. The conference was the final in-person training event held as part of the Initiative’s 2013 technical assistance program, which includes a range of new resources and services for partner organizations as well as public webinars and an online resource center.

The Leadership Development Conference was also the first in a series of leadership trainings that the Initiative will continue to offer in 2014, and will open up to other organizations in the field of community economic development.

Conference keynote speaker Peter Brinckerhoff founded his consulting firm Corporate Alternatives in 1982, and has helped thousands of organizations on five continents become more mission-capable. He is the award-winning author of the highly acclaimed and award-winning books Mission-Based Management, Financial Empowerment, Mission-Based Marketing, Faith-Based Management, Social Entrepreneurship, Nonprofit Stewardship, and Generations: The Challenge of a Lifetime for Your Nonprofit. Brinckerhoff’s newest book, Smart Stewardship for Nonprofits: Making the Right Decision in Good Times and Bad, was released in Feb. 2012.

The slides from Brinckerhoff’s training are available online at

The N.C. Community Development Initiative leads North Carolina’s collaborative community economic development effort, driving innovation, investment and action to create prosperous, sustainable communities. For more information, visit

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